Udey Crafts


We believe what happens tomorrow is determined by what we do today.

Environmental and Safety Commitments

At Udey Crafts we are committed to building a sustainable business by incorporating eco-friendly practices throughout the process of manufacturing. Our core principles are instrumental towards environmental protection & socio-economic development.

Sustainable Opportunity

A business is in a consistent dialogue with the atmosphere it operates in and we see it through to fulfill our end of the bargain. We have integrated various practices in our work culture cutting down the negative impact on the environment. Recycling of water, tree plantation, water recharging are few initiatives in the direction of sustainability.

Sustainable Sourcing

Usage of organic raw material from extraction to disposal.

Water Recycling

Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) established to make wastewater usable.


Regular health audits executed by experts analyzing the performance of the machines.

Human Rights

Fair labor practices along with safety measures installed for entire workforce.

Waste Handling

Facility to handle hazardous waste to nullify toxic effects.

Sustainibility Programs

Regular awareness programs conducted to incorporate a culture of sustainability.